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Spanish classes Granada


Courses                                                                                               Prices

Intensive Spanish Program                                                                                             $190


Family Homestay                                                                                                           $150


Online Spanish Classes                                                                                                 $12/hour


Spanish Tutoring Outside                                                                                                $10/hour


Airport Transport (Managua-Granada)                                                                               $39 (each way)



PAYMENT: All services offered by the school may be paid with Credit or Debit card. Payment must be made at least one week before arrival.We will send you an invoice through the secure PayPal system for you to pay. PayPal is known worldwide and is a safe way to make payment.  Viva Spanish is also a trusted and well-known business entity in Nicaragua. If you have any question at all as to the safety of payment, please review the internet for reviews or call us anytime to answer your questions. Our pre-payment policy is to “weed-out” people who reserve classes and then don’t attend. Many people make multiple reservations and then fail to cancel the ones that they don’t use. We avoid this situation by requiring pre-payment before arrival.

REFUNDS: Classes may be cancelled up to 72 hours prior to arrival with a full refund. After a student begins classes, refunds are made for unused weeks. For example, if a student reserves 3 weeks, starts classes and decides to leave the middle of the first week for any reason, he or she will be refunded for the unused two weeks.

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