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Viva Spanish programs

Learning Spanish has never been easier. The staff at Viva Spanish ensures that the student is taught proper speaking, understanding, reading and writing of the Spanish language. Here, the teaching staff is a comprehensive one, comprised of university graduates or students in their final year of undergraduate study. To retain the interest and attention of the students, the teachers are regularly rotated which means that a student will have two teachers for any class.

The only requirement for enrollment is an online test, which will help us to judge the level from which your teaching should begin. There are various programs available:

We offer a range of programs, and classes to suit all timetables: Here is a summary.

Regular Intensive 20 hours per week
8 a.m. – 12 noon
This is our most popular program! You will be immersed for 20 hours per week in Spanish with activities in the afternoon included for those who wish to participate. You will have two different teachers, one for two hours of grammar and one for two hours of conversation. The change of teacher will add to your experience.
SKYPE ON-LINE CLASSES We offer on-line classes, one-on-one with a teacher thru Skype. All you need is an inexpensive webcam and headset. You just download Skype Free PC-To-PC Calling, and you are ready! We can help you get started. Click the following link to get started! www.vivaspanishonline.com
Two-week (or more) Combo Programs Study at two different locations in Nicaragua and get the best the country has to offer! We offer combo programs with Managua, Leon, Esteli, San Juan Del Sur, Matagalpa and Granada. Send us an email with your interests and we can put together an itinerary for you that matches your desired cities and that includes classes, homestay and all ground transportation and activities and send you the price. Click the link here for our most popular program is the two-week Managua-Granada Combo Program. The cost for this program is $719 and includes classes, homestay with meals, materials, activities and your ground transportation. Everything is taken care of from your arrival at the airport to your departure!
For kids: (Managua) Specially designed curriculum for children where more visual aids and a much more interactive curriculum. This program is offered at limited locations.